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Ecosystem vibrations!

Aggiornamento: 12 mag 2019

L'Ago is a small village that stands out over the green valley. The motorway crosses, mostly hidden under tunnels and leaves the old Aurelia, almost forgotten, so that passer-by feels immersed in nature crossing the human path. L'Ago is out of this secondary lane too, You can only reach it intentionally! Here, sounds of nature are still masters of the environment and the shouting of children is integrated like the resounding of agricultural tools in this man-made environment, in which the archaic aspect is still predominant.

Listening to the flow of life in L'Ago is the real attractions of this environment. A sound experience that recharges you and, although not comparable to listening to pristine forest vibrations, it is nevertheless a leap into the past and a peculiarity that must be savoured and placed in the context that makes our planet a place so various and wonderful. The Gong Bath event that took place last summer wanted to present the potential that the place offers to guests. The realization of our project intends to highlight and ride these particular feelings.

One of the renovated buildings will host a yoga gym set in a crumbling space, between inside and outside, where nature with its sounds and colours will expand guests' personal sensorial experiences and Gong Showers will become a pleasant recurring experience.

Visit the valley below L'Ago is an experience that takes us back in time. The guest goes down towards the stream crossing it over a Roman bridge and, past the seventeenth-century mill, the path climbs up into the woods towards the ridge to go down again, over the view of Levanto and the Mediterranean sea. This, like many others, is one of the trekking experiences immersed in nature and its sounds.

The croaking of the frogs, the summer cicadas, the gurgling of the water of the stream, the innumerable ornithological species and their sounds accompany each walk allowing all guests to savour the wild and domesticated nature that still exists in the heart of civilized Europe.

The sounds of L'Ago are also sounds of the culture and traditional music of the Ligurian people. Spaces will be restored to allow the holding of cultural and musical events organized by the hotel administration in full compliance with the tranquility of the places and their history.

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