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Experience L'AgoRà

Our accommodation 2019

Some buildings that are participating to L’AGOrà restoration program are just ready to accueil guests since this season. The first two listed are just on line with our next future minimum standard for accommodation. The other ones, let our guest to experiment L’Ago life, also if these flats need a restoration that is considered by our program. Much more interesting is the entire community will welcome you, will give you the opportunity of a social traditional life inside the village and its inhabitants.

Please, let have a visit to your possible accommodation!

L'AGOrà - Mara's home - Sun Flat

2 rooms - one bathroom - kitchenette and living ideal for 4 guests. Detail on AIRBNB

L'AGOrà - Mara's home - stone flat

2 rooms - one bathroom - kitchen - living - terrace ideal for 4 guests. Detail on AIRBNB

L'AGOrà - Ca du Punte holiday home

2 bedrooms 1 bathroom - kitchen terrace and living room for 5 guests. Detail on AIRBNB

L'AGOrà - Maria Rosaria holiday home

3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, terrace and kitchen for 6 guests. detail on AIRBNB

Il Frantoio - Michela holiday home

3 beds one bedroom. 1 bathroom kitchen for 3 guests. details on AIRBNB

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