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L'Ago: 7 reasons to buy a flat at L'Agorà

Aggiornamento: 28 mar 2019

Introducing to L’AGOrà Style!

Perhaps not everyone knows this, but the family of Paganini, the famous Genoese violinist of the late 1700s, was originally from this valley, a village nearby L'Ago, named Carro. Every year a Paganinian Festival takes place a few kilometers from L'Ago. So, to get in contact with the place you are listening to Paganini Violin interpreter Uto Ughi!

How to turn an ancient and bucolic village back to Liguria Riviera into a place where you can invest your money and where you can spend part of your vacation and have an income from your investment. This is our aim. We are not the first to treat such a matter because many other examples can be found in other villages in Provence (France) or in Italy in various regions. This facts are the prove that push us to believe it is possible to reach our goal. We believe that this choice is not only an option for changing your life, but an excellent investment of your own money too. L’Ago has all the features because this assumption will be verified.

  1. L’Ago has a preserved ancient and fascinating architecture that is important for wellbeing aspect of a sustainable tourism.

  2. L'Ago lies in a secluded area but efficiently connected with big tourism gems such as "Cinque terre", "Portofino" , "Porto Venere", all reachable in minutes laps. So it is a strategic point from where to go for excursions.

  3. L'Ago is near by a great mall (10 minutes far) where you can find the best brands of "made in Italy".

  4. At L’Ago you can experience different kind of sports: canoeing, tracking, horse riding, mountain biking, bowls.

  5. L'Ago is not a dead village but it is still alive so it isn't necessary to replace the culture of the inhabitants but its culture should be improved revitalizing existing houses, services, traditions.

  6. L'Ago can offer a touristic season from Spring to Autumn for 9 month and offer to investors returns from the investment when L’AGOrà will be working at full capacity.

  7. L’Ago is not only a place where to spend your holidays, but also it will be a farmyard where you will find an eco friendly biological agriculture, where all the vegetables, fruits and particular local species will be proudly cultivated from a team of young farmers that will be part of the project in order to add value to surrounding environment and guests life quality.

Our Aim is to offer to our costumer the possibility of:

  1. buying/renting a flat/house/workshop at L’Ago for your holidays or to live here for the most part of the year and use different kind of solution for your estate investment: single owner, share-property, investment, crowd funding;

  2. having a chance to buy a restored property integrated into L'AGOrà tourism program that allows any owner to make income from renting his estate while the property is not occupied by himself;

  3. having a warranty that each property on sale has a project defined in every detail and a closed price that includes all the necessary jobs, standard furnishings and definite delivery times;

  4. Buying a property at L’AGOrà, you can also buy a share of the common areas of the spread hotel used form the guest inside services buildings such as spa, swimming pool, restaurant and administrative offices etc;

  5. paying chip rates for the management and maintenance costs for the use of common services;

  6. delegate management issues for rentals and all related services (cleaning - guest reception - accessory service management, etc...) to the Spread Hotel Manager; he will do it for you, leaving you only the gain of rental and any problem in managing;

  7. living an experience in a true italian borgo, far from the crowd of more famous touristic place also when the Resort will be fully operative.

Our Focus is to treat any home of the project as a financial issue. You will check the business plan that explain and make a forecast on income, expenses and taxes in order to consider the point break of your investment.

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